Looking for the perfect performance for your ceremony or reception? We work hard to capture the essence of your relationship, and portray your unique connection on your special day, through the music that you fell in love to. We won't give you a standard song list - we want your music choices to be about you! Included in the package is a one hour meeting where we will discuss your music choices, and build a playlist around you.

Ceremony + Reception - $1,800AUD

Ceremony Only - $1,000AUD

Reception Only - $1,300AUD

Gold Wedding Rings

Singing lessons

I offer personalised lessons in singing and self-accompaniment. As a vocalist, I possess qualifications with Lichtenberger voice method, EVT, CVT and NYVC, and have over a decades worth of experience self-accompanying on guitar, piano and bass. I believe every student is different, so each lesson will be tailored around your interests and self expression, while providing you with a basis for healthy vocal production.

$70AUD -  one hour lesson


artist mentorship

Nurturing talent and creative drive is paramount to finding the artist within. I want to help each of my artists find their voice and embark on their own pathway through the music industry. I offer bespoke, in depth mentoring sessions tailored to the artist's desires, including; vocal coaching, instrument instruction, songwriting advice, management, booking, arrangement and production. 

$100AUD per hour meeting

$900AUD for 10 meetings

*Scholarships offered for exceptional artists - please provide some samples of your work for consideration.


personalised songs

Have you ever wanted to hear a song that tells your story? As a songwriter, it is so important to me to form deep connections with my audience, and how better than to write a song for you! Whether it's a Wedding gift for your partner, an anniversary present for your best friend or a song for a loved one who has passed on, I can write it for you, in your desired musical style!

One song - $1,000AUD

*packages can be arranged for multiple songs


songwriting lessons

As a graduate of Berklee College of Music's Songwriting and Music Production programmes, I am passionate about educating you in the art of songwriting. I believe that songwriting is an intensely personal artform, and I aim to create a safe, nurturing space where you can learn the tools and tricks of lyric, melody and harmony, while maintaining your own personal voice and style. You might even learn something about yourself!

$70AUD -  one hour lesson

Hand Writing